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New Construction

We hire Milano Construction to build our new store in Lake Worth, Florida. From the beginning working with Zef has been among our most pleasing experiences. Milano Construction demonstrated throughout the project that they were cooperative and readily willing to collaborate with all team members to solve any and all issues as they arose as well as working pro-actively to identify issues before they arose. Zef worked diligently to bring the project back on schedule when unforeseen site conditions during excavation created significant delays to the critical path. ...Subsequently, he was able to mitigate the effect of this delay and were able to complete the building on time. It is without reservation that I recommend Milano Construction and look forward to future opportunities to work with this outstanding organization.

- Dollar General Corporation, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Alternation and Remodeling

We wanted to thank you and your team for doing a great job with our recently completed Supplement Store and Premier Café. From the early stages of preconstruction, Zef was tremendously helpful in providing updated cost information, working with the design team to explore value engineering alternatives, and coordinating the design-build subcontractors. Because of Zef's knowledge of construction and their ability to communicate effectively with the team we were able to keep the project on track and on time. Thanks again for your teams’ efforts, and we look forward to working with Milano Construction in the future

- Premier Family Health, Wellington, Florida


Zef was fantastic getting us the permit through the city of Pompano Beach, and I appreciated his quick timely matter, making the drive from Wellington multiple times, excellent communication, and was overall a joy to work with! I loved how prompt he was with returning calls or texts and keeping things running smoothly. On day of install, it was great watching how quickly and efficiently they moved and did a careful, yet phenomenal job in less than a day work. We were able to enjoy our cover that night! Wiring, outdoor fan, flood lights, they did it all.

- Jeremy Deadender, Boynton Beach, Florida


I cannot say enough good things about our patio shade cover and Milano Construction! After getting estimates from multiple companies, we hired Milano Construction to build our insulated, full cover shade over our cement patio and it looks Wonderful! We get so many compliments and have never used our backyard as much as we do now. My kids love eating every meal outside this summer. South Florida is HOT, so we need good shade.

- Nancy Hulbert, Delray Beach, Florida

Residential, New Home

Awesome Construction Company that demands high quality of workmanship and work being completed in a timely manner. They have a very good safety program from the beginning and during construction. We had a wonderful experience working with Zef! The transaction we worked together was fairly complicated as it involved getting a variance through the Palm Beach County. This is an extremely time-consuming process, but his team was able to get the variance done in a timely manner and they kept us updated along the way. Every room has been made to perfection and is a pleasure to look at and live in. Altogether, he and his team were true professionals, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to build a home or develop a lot!

- Brendon Cabrera, Greenacres FL

Residential, New Home

We have found Milano Construction to be a responsible, organized and timely contractor that works proactively to resolve potential issues before they occur. In my experience, they have always conducted themselves with the highest level of integrity. We are thrilled with the end result! We appreciate all the hard work that went the design to the final product. From all the Milano Constructions staff to all of their sub-contractors, the products and workmanship we received were top-notched. The onsite employees were always available for addressing any questions or concerns and were always cordial and professional.

We highly recommend Milano Constructions to all of our friends and neighbors.

- Tali Wolder, Boca Raton, FL

Residential, New Home

They got the job done with a great attitude. They have great followed up if there are any issues. They understand your business and the particulars that go along with completing projects within various environments. Integrity and professionalism describe Milano Construction. They deliver on their promises and get the job done. If there are any issues, they work with you to solve them quickly. This was a big project. Zef and his team provided excellent craftsmanship and made sure that we were kept in the loop at every stage of the project.

We are thrilled with our new home and are so glad we went with Zef and his team.

- Bart Smyk, Jupiter, FL

Old World craftsmanship

“Here in Covered Bridge one is often hesitant when asking a contractor to perform extensive interior work. Zeff Ndreca came to our aid when our bathroom showed signs of deterioration. He brings to his work an Old World craftsmanship one cannot find in American labor. He exhibits patience when confronting problems that are inherent to re-modeling a 40-year old structure. And when you see the tools that he brings to a job, the know-how that Zeff has when using his technological resources is truly phenomenal. This is like having an entire crew at his disposal. Furthermore, he can make his own tools for the job!rnTrained as an architect, he can draw on a vast knowledge when you have to discuss the problems of the job at-hand, and talking with Zeff is always a pleasure and an education. As a final thought: when one tours Flagler House, the Mizner properties and other residences from a century ago, you often see why they brought craftsmen from Europe. Zeff is in that mold.rnAn accommodating man, intelligent, and family oriented...he can make a difference for Covered Bridge residents. ”

- Bruce Lazarus, Lake Worth


“I can shure you that Zeff Ndreca has such a fantasie and creative resurces to made something old appearing just like an artistic one ”

- Doris Bell, West Palm Beach

Jeff is a gem!

“Jeff Noreca of Milano Construction Wellington is a gem! My wife and I had multiple jobs to be done: ceiling, new Pergo floor, painting, plumbing, kitchen cabinets. He has total knowledge of everything having to do with home repair, and goes about his work professionally and efficiently. It's wonderful having someone of Jeff's calibre come into our home and know that each job will be done meticulously. We gave him the keys to our condo the day after he started, and told him he's on his own.”

- Dr. Alvin Hilgenberg, Palm Beach, Florida

Completely Satisfied!

“We ask Jeff to update or 1982 built home and gave him our fixed budget. Jeff inspected our property and and gave us a list or recommended repairs, replacement and updates. This encompassed wall, baseboard, grouting, mirror, patio, electrical and plumbing repair, replacement and upgrades. He completed the tasks quickly, professionally and on budget. My wife and I are completely satisfied with his work. He is a delightful person with whom to work”

- Ellsworth Corium, Palm city, Florida


“'Exceptional!!!' Very knowledgeable and experienced in many facets of home repairs, from plumbing, electrical to cabinetry and other home improvements projects. Jeff comes on time, and has a full stock of equipments and supplies. He takes pride in his workmanship.”

- Stephen Rice, Palm Beach Garden, Florida


“I have used Jeff from Milano Construction for several household projects and was very pleased with the superb quality of his work, and his in-depth knowledge of virtually any remodeling or home repair project. Jeff repaired some substantial water damage both inside and outside my home. His work was so good, that I had him remodel a bathroom with similar outstanding results. It is a good feeling to trust a contractor enough to leave him alone in your house to work, and that is the level of trust I developed in Jeff.”

- Amanda Starnes, Atlantic city, Florida


“He was very forthcoming, explained everything, and went to the hardware store to get specialty parts.”

- Christopher Neuhauser


“Zef did a fantastic job. He is meticulous and pays attention to detail. he was very cognizant of how long he had the water shut off to the house to do the work and worked as quickly as he could. In order to replace the hot and cold water valves that supply the washing machine, Zef had to break in to the wall to do this. As Zef is also a general contractor, he repair the wall board so that all I had to do which I offered to do, was paint over his wall repair with the paint I have that matches the laundry room.

I will call Zef again without hesitation should the need arise.
Thank you Zef for doing a great job.


- Anthony Cardinale

Door Replacement

“Replacing a door sounds simple doesn't it ? That is what I thought and how wrong I was. Luckily I had Zef , the owner of Milano Construction taking care of me. I joined Angie's list to find the best of the best and that is exactly what I found in Milano Construction ( Zef ). I live in an older condo in WPB and the builders of my condo weren't concerned with doing a professional job. SO when Zef was ready to install my doors, he had to be creative and still make sure they would be passed by the City Inspector. His work is impeccable !!!!!! He went above and beyond what the code called for when installing my doors. He explained what he would be doing and answered all of my questions. He never rushed his work and always cleaned up every day before he left. He is a true professional . I would HIGHLY recommend Milano Construction . Zef's work is an example of what a real craftsman should do . He does amazing work . The City Inspector passed my doors and said the work was excellent. ”

- Nona LaPrade


“The front door weather stripping was fine but needed some filler added to close a gap at the ends. The garage door did need new weather stripping. Heis very meticulous and did an excellent job. When I need to have a larger job done Milano Construction will be my first choice given his professionalism and attention to detail!”

- Jane Barber


“He came on time, very personable. i showed him what i wanted to be done. he responded to everything. he went to work!rnaltho' he did not have the tools to do one part of what i needed, he is coming back to do that. rnhe fixed what i needed right now.very neat and clean.rni am happy to have him on my list of repair persons.”

- Jane Decker


“Description Of Work: rnI called Zef, having found him on Angie's List. I left a message and he called me back the same day, in the evening. I described the rot I saw on the edge of my roof, which clearly indicated a leak in the roof, near my front door. He gave me a prompt appointment, three days later, just after he finished his previous project. rnHe called me from outside the gate, announcing his arrival (right on schedule) and, after hearing my diagnosis, went up his ladder, took photos, came down and explained what he thought needed doing. He dug right in, having given me a price for the job, separating labor hours from materials costs.rn rnZef's big, white truck is spotless. He backs into the driveway and drops the tailgate and pulls out his whole SHOP, arranged neatly on the floor of a giant drawer. (Having been married to a man who did what he does, I had a special appreciation of his organization and precision!)Carefully he worked, removing first the gutters, then the rotten wood below. Like a dentist he excavated only what had to go, but quickly found there was more to this job than he had first expected. Roof tiles had to come off in order to FIND the leak, which was farther up from the eaves. "Do you have any tiles?" he asked. "No," I said regretfully. "Well, that's okay. I JUST WON'T BREAK ANY," he said with firm resolve.At home, on his own time, he created a special angled tray to use on my roof for his tools, one which matched my roof's pitch. He modified one of his hand tools, shortening it and machining a different tip, customizing it for prying up my tiles safely!!! Zef is creative in a way most builders are not. He thinks, he cares about what he's doing, and when it's going right - meaning that he knows he's doing exactly the right thing to FIX IT, he's happy. He worked in unbearable heat, but happily, because he was doing the repair the way he knew was best.He worked for 2 1/2 days, arriving right on time, wasting not a minute. It was hot as the dickens but he had a rotary fan going, his radio, and all his tools laid out in neat precision in my garage. I conferred from time to time with him and looked at the photos he'd taken, which explained the problem he'd found earlier: When my 12-year-old house was roofed, the building crew had simply declined to put one final half-width of tile at the groin by the front door!! Zef had explained that at the outset, illustrating it with photos. So, he got me some tiles, having identified for me just which tile shape and manufacturer I had, cut the tiles neatly,preparing them for use.The roof repair consisted of opening up the roof, removing tar paper to reveal the roof's plywood, excising the rotten plywood, reapplying new tar paper, painting more tar on top of the area, letting it dry overnight, then carefully replacing the tiles, adding the new half-row, of course!Zef is supremely capable, cheerful, positive and creative in his solutions. The now-hack phrase, "thinks outside the box", doesn't do it for me. Having been married to a builder who was fabulous, I can vouch for Zef as being an imaginative, innovative engineer, sensitive to the variables he's working with and the long-term practicality of the method of repair he employs. His advice is what he'd give his sister, his wife - or his best friend. ZEF DOES IT RIGHT!!I knew my next-door-neighbors had had a leak in the same place, so I asked Zef to go check out their previous repair. Camera in hand, he went next door and came back shaking his head. Some foamy gunk had been put down - and the problem, one whole ROW of tiles never installed by the builders, had not been remediated!! That night I called my neighbors, summering in the northeast, and got their go-ahead for Zef to do their repair the right way, for $650! Their new leak was coming, so that roof wasn't in as bad condition as mine. Zef did his work there a few weeks later, sending us photos, with explanations, as he went along. It took only a day and a half.Zef is a tall, pleasant, personable fellow whose European craftsmanship is above reproach. He takes charge, gets his materials, lines them up in the garage, customizes his ladder for a few more inches of height for reaching the place he has to work. He keeps things neat as he works, asking for a cloth to set underneath something that might be messy, and he cleans up after himself. His tools look brand-new, like they've never been used before!! He cleans up as he replaces his tools in that rolling 'toolbox' truck of his! I took a lot of photos during his visits, I was so impressed by the way he works.When he was getting ready to leave, I asked, "Zef, I know you do electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, etc... but IS THERE ANYTHING YOU DON'T DO??" He thought a bit, and slowly began to grin. "I don't repair computers," he said, with a twinkle in his eyes.What a nice guy! He earns an A+ on everything, please, from this senior and retired career educator and lifelong homeowner. From now on, Zef is the only one I'll call for help - or recommend. I have a bunch of his business cards, and two of us homeowners here in Andros Isle are well-satisfied with his work, his prices and his work ethic. Thank you, Angie's List, for telling me about Zef, at Milano Construction!!!rnrnIT WENT FABULOUSLY. PLEASE READ ALL THAT WAS IN THE PREVIOUS BOX BECAUSE I WON'T SAY IT ALL AGAIN. IT'S ALL THERE FOR YOU..”



“My main house door closed unsatisfactorily from the indoors and had to be slammed shut although it closed easily when leaned on from the outside. Whencompany came, I always had to re-close the door. I had the handyman who had installed the door come to repair this several times but it continued to be a real nuisance. Then I called in someone from a lock company who claimed to repair it but it came back all over again. Finally, I called Milano whom a friend recommended highly. He came promptly and fixed it so that it worked perfectly. Later, I had him install a handsome new set of hardware on the same door. He told me that he had come to this country from Italy fifteen years ago and that he was an architect there. An architect in Italy has to be able to pass professional exams to do all the work needed to construct a house so he can do plumbing, electrical work, roofs, cabinets, and so on. However, he could not afford to start over again here so he started doing house renovations and handyman work. When I discovered that the hoses on my clothes washer had deteriorated and were staining the clothes, I found that I could not replace them because the hose attachments were frozen to the faucets. I could not get them off so I asked a neighbor to help. He could not do it either and, in the process, bent the copper pipe holding the faucet nozzle. Now I had a worse problem. I called Milano again. He again came promptly and did a beautiful job, sawing the wall open to expose more of the pipes, and replacing the pipe and nozzles. He put better steel-banded hoses on the machine and put in a water turnoff valve on each faucet that was easy for me to use. When he was done, you could not tell that the wall had been touched. I'm now getting all the neglected work done. Since then, he has fixed my patio screen doors, fixed the hinge on the entrance gate in my walkway (no charge for that one), replaced a totally stuck drain in a bathroom sink, and will be putting in some weather-stripping on the patio doors. He cleans up everything and puts it back the way it was. Total costs listed above include all materials that he bought for me. Also, I happened to find out that he is totally honest and can be trusted around and inside the house.”

- Madeline Goodstein

Light Fixture

“Great. Professional, courteous, & friendly. Came back to check - excellent work.”

- Anubha Jairam


“Zef finished the job sufficiently and exceeded our overall expectations on the project. We are very happy w/ the work and will be looking forward to working with and referring our friends to him.”

- Rachel Contreraz


“Zef was on time and very professional throughout the whole job while explaining to us everything that needed to be done step by step. We also got very helpful tips to fix the previous job. We are very happy with the outcome!”


Ceiling Fans

“My wife and I needed someone to install two ceiling fans on our patio. I have hung them before in the house, but need power run to each of the fans. Which was beyond your normal 'do-it-yourselfer". I called, and got an estimate later on that same day. We decided on a fair price for the job, and he was back two days later for installation. He was on time and very professional. The job took longer than was expected, but he was very thorough. The awning had a lot of corners and turns that needed to be dealt with. I expected him to use L brackets to make those turns, but he actually heated and bent the pvc electrical pipe to make those runs, so that the pipe would be more seamless. Such a great idea and worth the wait!! Thank you for that extra bit of effort that made the job more professionally done. Very sorry for the timely delay in getting this written.”

- Christine Brent


“They removed all the wall and floor tiles, and the bathtub. After removing the bathtub, we found out that there was extensive mildew behind the old tile.They killed the mildew and repaired and replaced the rotten 2x4 wood with the PT wood. After they installed the cement boards and finished the rest of the bathroom with the marble that we provided. We asked them to update the bathroom windows with the impacted rated one. They also installed the new flooring and new toilets and installed cabinets thats we had previously ordered in both bathrooms.rnEverything was finished on time and the quality was nothing but excellent! Im very happy with my new bathrooms.”

- Adam White

Great job!

“My wife and I are both in our late 70's and need down size. We plan to place our place home on the market soon.rnTo do this we needed to fix, repairand replace many things. But because we are a fixed income we had to limit our expenditure to $6000.rnAfter interviewing several professionals we chose Zef Noreca of Milan Construction to do the work.rnZef accomplished the job on time and under budget. rnZef dazzled us with his many skills (Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, woodworking, metal working, caulking, grouting and tile laying) As a result we were spared the added expense and inconvenience of having to deal with different trade specialists.rnTrough out the project Zef would call to our attention to potential flooding and even fire hazards all of which we gratefully asked him to correct.rnZef is honest, personable, responsible and efficient. He takes pride in his work and carries the right tools necessary to quickly complete each job. Finally he is current on Florida building codes.”

- Herb Achtmeyer

Water Line

“He resolved our problem in the perfect way and really tried to keep the costs down. He was very friendly and helpful to my husband who is disabled. He demonstrated on all occasions a thorough knowledge of his work and was exceptionally reliable. He also did extra work and didn't charge extra!”

- James Barlow


“Exceptional!!! Very knowledgeable, experienced in many facets of home repair and a real european craftsmanship manner. He always surprises us by going a step or two beyond our expectations.”

- Robert Peters

Great Experience!

“The entire experience went very well. The company was quick to respond to my query which was not an emergency and came out to the house within two days. The worker did an analysis of our various problems and began the required work. He was attentive, focused and cooperative in helping us find the best solution for each issue. He knew what he was doing and he got the job done in a timely fashion. His price was very fair given the time required. I recommend this company without reservation.”

- Madeleine Flanagan


“Refinished kitchen baseboards and rotted wood on house exterior. Most professional and reliable General Contractor I have dealt with.Excellent!”


Real Professional!

“Zef always came when scheduled, working long hours each time. Some of the long hours were due to his desire to do such excellent work, actually meticulous is an adjective that comes to mind. Due to some unforeseen problems, he did have to do some additional work, but did not change his bid. Instead he merely stated that if I believed he had to work additional time, I could add a few dollars if I desired, which I did. Bottom line, if I have any additional need to remodel our kitchen or our other bath, I will certainly call Zef. Very friendly and easy to work with, a real professional.”

- William Ellis

True Craftsman

“Zef from Milano construction is a true craftsman of his work. He has taken the jobs given from carpentry to remodeling with small jobs and large ones with great care and professionalism. I am very satisfied and plan on using him again.”

- Brian Lehnert

Pleasant and fun!

“..Having never done a remodel.. job and being inexperienced... we made the perfect choice in using this company. We stumbled a few times in our choices and we were professional guided into the right direction ... We were told why our ideas were not the best choice and were offered great alternative solutions to get the same (but better) end effect. It took a little longer than expected but we did not have a deadline to meet. Some of the delay was due to our having to find different working options because some of the things we wanted simply physically could not be met with the constraints of our space. It was quite a pleasant and sometimes fun experience. Great people to work with.”



“Zef had to order parts and worked hard to find them and do the work as quickly as possible. This was great because I was worried about loosing all the food in the refrigerator. He arrived at the time specified, and was very nice and professional. I would highly recommend him.”

- Nancy Melby

Bath Remodel

“It went very well. Zef was very detail oriented and we felt confident that the jobs would be done the right way. The outcome on all of the work was excellent.The shower was leaking water and we did not know why. Zef found out the problem and while one thing was drying or setting he fixed other items that needed attention. We were very please with the quality of the work and Zef was very friendly.”

- Henry Schwartzberg

He came through for us!

“Once again Milan Construction came through for us!rnWe discovered a water lake under our kitchen counter. We couldn’t find leak source and our particleboard counter supports were saturated. It was 9 pm. We called Zef. He came at once. After 3 hours he had located and repaired a pinhole leak between the counter walls – cleaned up the mess - and prepared the counter site for reconstruction.rnThanks to his carpentry skill our counter now looks better and is stronger than before.rnAlong the way he detected and corrected a builder caused wiring error. We could have had a fire. ”