Milano Construction Inc: Accordion Shutters

High winds and rains are a relatively common occurrence in Wellington, Delray Beach and North Palm Beach.

As a home or business owner, you need to be certain that your space is protected at all times and in all conditions.

For over 25 years, Milano Construction Inc has been manufacturing, selling, and installing the highest quality hurricane shutters available on the market.

Our shutters are an attractive, versatile, and extremely resistant way to protect your home or business. They offer excellent value and ease of maintenance over a long period of time.

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Durable Hurricane Shutters

At Milano Construction Inc, we’re committed to offering ways for home and business owners to safeguard their properties against the threat of hurricanes. As a full-service general contractor, we have a full range of services and equipment to perform a variety of tasks.

Our manufacturing and installation of accordion shutters is completed by cutting-edge equipment and materials. Hurricane shutters provide excellent protection in extreme weather, while staying out of the way when not needed. They also provide advantages in terms of home or business security.

Choosing accordion shutters offers many advantages. As they can easily be installed over existing doors and windows, there is no need to replace or retrofit what you already have. Accordion shutters are also available in a huge range of different sizes. They can be successfully installed over fixed and moving windows, French doors, porches, and wider openings, such as garages.

The Best Hurricane Shutter Installers

What sets us apart from other hurricane shutter installers is the fact that we operate our own manufacturing facility. We are proud to design and create some of the best hurricane shutters in the industry today. Because we manufacture our shutters ourselves, we’re able to pass along savings in costs to our clients. We can also customize the shutters according to the needs of your space.

Our weather-resistant shutters have an innovative, top-quality design. They are built from heavy-duty aluminum alloy with exceptional strength and thickness. The shutters are finished with a baked-on enamel for added durability. They are built in a way that distributes exerted force equally, preventing the shutters from collapsing in on themselves.

In addition to accordion shutters, we offer Bahama, Colonial and Panel Shutter Systems. No matter for what purpose, we have the perfect hurricane shutters for your location.

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Accordion Hurricane Shutter Installation

Once you’ve selected the perfect hurricane shutters for your home or business, we will arrive for installation.

Our installation process is simple and rapid, yet patient and meticulous. We are committed to offering safety as our top priority in the installation process.

Our qualified technicians have installed hurricane shutters for a variety of different facilities and surfaces. We guarantee superior workmanship and exceptional customer service. In many cases, we can install hurricane shutters for your entire home or business in less than an hour.

You’ll also appreciate that all our products are under warranty.

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