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As a full-service general contracting firm, Milano Construction Inc’s specialty is the installation of impact doors and windows. Our doors and windows offer unmatched weather-resistance and durability while still preserving your view, natural light, and other advantages of windows.

Milano Construction Inc’s door and window selection is vast, and our installation process is swift and efficient. In addition to our exceptional customer service, we’re pleased to provide competitive prices and free estimates to our residential and commercial clients.

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Hurricane-Resistant Doors

Milano Construction Inc is pleased to provide homes and businesses with the security and durability of impact doors. We sell and install a tremendous selection of hurricane-resistant exterior doors, protecting your space even in the most severe weather patterns.

We work with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers of impact-resistant doors. These are characterized by extremely heavy-duty frame and construction, constructed of steel, aluminum, and other materials. They are also bolstered by industrial-strength hinges and latches.

In spite of their durability, hurricane-resistant doors offer the same charm and attractiveness as conventional doors.

Whether you have a residential or commercial location, we will help you select the door that works best for your purposes. We’ll then proceed with a patient yet rapid installation, ensuring that your door is properly hung and secure.

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Dependable Hurricane-Resistant Windows

Impact windows, also known as hurricane-resistant or stormproof windows, are a dependable and innovative addition to homes and businesses. Particularly in coastal regions or areas with volatile climates, more property owners are choosing the protection and security of hurricane-resistant windows.

Impact windows are different from— and superior to— conventional windows in several respects. They are constructed using two panes of specially-treated, impact-resistant glass. Between the panes of glass is a polymer layer of either polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

This polymer layer gives the windows tremendous resistance and reinforcement. The windows can withstand the impact of water, wind, and flying debris. Even with the most extreme impacts, glass that has shattered remains attached to the polymer membrane. Instead of windows breaking open, exposing your space and sending dangerous shards of glass flying, hurricane-resistant windows crack in a web-like pattern and remain intact.

In addition to exceptional levels of protection, impact windows offer increased energy efficiency, reduction of noise, and filter out UV light. As a highly desirable feature, they also significantly increase your home’s resale value.

Large Variety of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are available in a variety of frame options, including aluminum, steel, vinyl, or wood. Milano Construction Inc works alongside some of the industry’s best suppliers and manufacturers of top-quality windows, and we can help you select the type of hurricane-resistant window best suited to your property’s needs.

Our window installation process is rapid and meticulous, using innovative materials and equipment. In no time, your home or business will have the benefits of safety and protection, regardless of what the weather brings.

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